Jul 19, 2012

Kids love "Leave No Trace" - Day 2

Dear guys,

Here are some moments of the second day of Leave No Trace camp.
Food preparation for lunch out in the forest
Everybody is ready for the day out
Volunteer teacher tells kids about nature
Happy cooking time together
Main dish: noodle and vegetables
 After the lunch, everybody just relaxs and enjoys the cool weather out there :D
Kungfu crane, maybe? :P
Almost touch the bark!!
Love triangle :D
Then, everyone turns back to the bird-watching platform, getting ready to walk across the suspension bridge.
"Frog with wings" group
1, 2, 3, now turn your head back please 

No more than 50 people should walk across it at a time
Pause to admire the surrounding landscape
They head to the pine tree area to take part in an activity involved digging the cat hole. It is used to bury the human waste. :)
The pine tree area
It's easy, just digging in the ground
See if it is big enough :D
Then just do it =))) and cover it up with soil
In the evening, kids discuss about the seven principles of Leave No Trace through drama.
Watching attentively
Speaking up now
And recording
That's it for the second day of the camp! :)
See you later!

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