Aug 17, 2012

Rescuing The Wildlife Camp: Day 3

Dear guys,

For the last day of the camp, kids are guided around the Ecology Education Park early in the moring. It is so amazing a park that I have seen lots of beautiful birds and butterlies.

I am also very happy that I have captured a bunch of nice photos and recordings. I think my words or photos are not enough to describe ­the scenery as well as to express my appreciation for it. So, I decided to make a short clip for you guys to enjoy.

After the trip, kids play two teamwork games named “Surviving the flood”and “Hunting for food” before having the last lunch of the camp.
Surviving the flood
Hunting for food

In “Surviving the flood” game, kids are supposed to turn the carpet upside down  from green side to orange side while standing on it. Two teams compete and the team who turns the carpet around faster is the winner, which means they survive the flood. The point of this game is that in order to complete the mission successfully, all team members must come up with the strategy and cooperate well during the process. A team leader also plays an important role in driving the success.

In “Hunting for food” game, kids experience to be parents birds searching for worms to feed their baby birds. Different worms are symbolized as different color strings. Green strings which have the same color as grass are the most difficult to find, so that kids understand how hard it is for parent birds to look after their baby birds.

After lunch, kids decorate owl cards to make key chain. Cards are made of plastic and they can get smaller and harder when being put into the baking oven. I am amazed of kids who all have good sense of color mix. Then, kids watch the photos collection of the last two and a half days and receive certificates as well as take pictures with a human-sized owl.

I am glad to play the owl although I have to wear heavy costumes; but kids seem having fun figuring out who is inside the costume. I will remember the camp with lovely and energetic elementary kids who I never get tired of talking and playing with.

Goodbye and see you soon.

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