Aug 9, 2012

Hosting Dongshih team

Dear guys,

Dongshih team visits Aowanda Recreation Area on 9th and 10th of August. We are supposed to show them around charming Aowanda.

In the first morning, it is the fourth time I walked to the waterfall that looks the most beautiful waterfall ever. I guess since the water is abundant after the last typhoon, the waterfall looks that much strong and lively. Lucky them!

In the afternoon, it is going to rain a little bit so we have two activity options: one is cleaning the pond and the other is playing orienteering game. Then, 15 people including Aowanda team, Dongshih team, baby sister and volunteer teachers together clean the pond. The way we do it is to remove water-fern that harms endemic plant of the pond in which the water is dirty but not quite smelly. We have been extremely productive since half of the pond are cleared out, leaving the yellow flowers to shine. The most exciting part of the job is the time when everybody has to move the huge water-fern onto the ground. It reminds me of the old time when people move large wood manually. How everyone together shouts “1,2,3 and move it” is so fun!  

In the evening, there is a pleasant surprise that Aowanda Nature Center celebrates its fourth birthday. The light is turned off, each and everyone of us holds a small candle and then sing “Happy Birthday” song in Bahasa by Chiayi, Russian by Olga, Vietnamese by myself, Chinese by Simon and then by everyone. We also make a video clip for wishing happy birthday.

We walk to the suspension bridge in the whole next morning. Thanks to Dongshih volunteer teacher, it is the first time I walked through the trails on the way to suspension bridge, including the cirle trail in pine tree zone. Moreover, it is such an unforgettable moment when we all together across the suspension bridge under such a perfect weather - not hot, not rainy, just breeze and warm. I wish I could stay there with them for a longer time in order to immerse ourselves in such a charming landscape and share our own stories to each other.

It is so sad that they have to leave right after lunch. Al I want to do is to give them the biggest thanks for their coming because they really light up my days here in Aowanda.

All the best to you guys,

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