Aug 16, 2012

Rescuing The Wildlife Camp: Day 2

Hi guys,
We woke up really early that day (6 am), because we were supposed to go bird-watching. I was really looking forward to that and I was not disappointed. 
Every child got a binocular for bird-watching

After breakfast we had a lecture about birds and played a game, where kids were supposed to assemble pictures of birds, after they were cut to pieces (pictures, not birds:)). The point was to teach them to recognize the birds. It was really fun. 
Assembling the puzzles

Teachers brought an owl into the classroom too, it was really cute.

Then we walked the trail and children were looking for fake injured animals that teachers left there for them.  The fact that the temperature was a little bit lower than the first day helped us to enjoy this activity. They tried to figure out what happened to those animals. After that we played two games: "You are my eyes" and "I want to survive". The first game was about completing an image of an owl. One child held the template for the owl, two children could navigate all the other kids, who were blindfolded and had pieces of the owl. They were supposed to find the template and finish the owl. The point was to make them realize how does it feel to be injured (blind). 
Kids are holding finished templates here
The second game was a physical activity. Two teams of students had to compete: their formed two lines and the goal of every competing pair of students was to run roughly 10 metres and pick up one of the balls faster than the member of the other team. Also, different pairs of students had different injuries: some of them could use just one leg and had to jump on one leg, some of them had to "hold" both legs, signalling injury of both legs, some of them could not use hands and some of them were healthy. The point was, once again, to show how hard life is for injured animals.

His both hands are supposed to be hurt

After lunch we had a lecture on rescuing wild animals. Children were taught not to use iron cages in case they find an injured bird (those can hurt: if the bird tries to jump, it may hurt its wings) and use paper boxes instead; similar rules that will allow them to help more effectivelly in the future. Teachers brought a turtle into the classroom too.

We also played "The Hunter Game". Three kids were chosen as hunters and the rest chosen as the prey. Prey were given rope that they attached to their arms and hunters were supposed to take those ropes. After that, hunters were supposed to "transport" caught "animals" from one point to another. The point was to simulate nature, since some people capture wild animals (first part of the game) and try to sell them to pet stores (second part of the game represents transport of the animals). However, some animals die in the process and this game is supposed to show how destructive that behaviour is.
First part of the game. Animals can't leave the area marked by a rope
Second part of the game, hunters are moving caught animals
After dinner we had lecture about frogs.

I think that's it for the second day. Flora is going to write a report about the third also the last day of the camp.
See you soon:)

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  1. Simon, you did good job in revealing the meaning of each game, thumbs up! :)