Jul 27, 2012

The best forest trip ever in Daxueshan - Day 2

Dear guys,

The second day in Daxueshan, Dongshih Forest District Office is such an unforgettable day. Due to the heavy rain last night that makes the road slippery, the original plan of climbing the Shaolai mountain trail is cancelled (the blue line). Instead, we walk the Siaosyue Mountain trail, in which there are lots of magnificent forest scenery (the right-hand green line).

Olga leads us to this platform, from which I could see the nearest town. It is early in the morning at around 7a.m and the atmosphere is wonderful. Feeling the breeze and a pool of sunlight over my face is so much happy.

The platform view
Fantastic view
There is something truly magical about the sky and the cloud which really steals my heart!

Sea of cloud
I'm in heaven <3
This is withered tree. It looks so scary at first but its standing lights up the dark green forest. I also walk through the bamboo area where bamboo's branches somehow block the ways. Although it is a little annoying but I feel like I am truly in the forest.

I remember one of my awkward moment on the trail where there is a pool of water from the rain blocking the way. Everyone walk across it without stepping on the grass on the sides except for me. :'') Some of my teammates yells "Shame on you" at me. I also feel somewhat ashamed of myself. I should have followed "Leave No Trace" principle which are stated in the camp few weeks ago. Now I think I will not make the same mistake again.

In short, the trip to Daxueshan is out of my expectation. Thanks Dongshih team, volunteer teachers and last but not least my baby sister for giving us such priceless experience.

Thanks for your reading. Hope you all the best!

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