Jul 5, 2012

Our first working day

Hi guys,

Our first days at Aowanda are behind us. Especially the first full day was spectacular. Right after coming to Aowanda we had dinner and introduced ourselves to locals. They were really hospitable and sounded fun, unfortunately I couldn't understand most of the table chat. I couldn't wait for the next day. It was as fun as we expected it to be:) Mr. Liu, the Vice President of Aowanda Recreation Centre, took us on a trip to a Suspension Bridge, which is roughly 3 hours long walk (both ways). First thing that I remember is the smell of the maple leaf after crumpling, it is amazing.  

I knew that we were the first ones to cross the bridge since the latest typhoon, but the bridge felt safe and after a while I could just look around and enjoy the scenery. We saw some trees that were destroyed by the typhoon, which was quite sad, and actually needed to clean the road a little bit. 

Trees  damaged by recent typhoon
Hills damaged by recent typhoon
The view from the bridge was beautiful. I'm actually a little bit scared of heights. We also got to know a lot of new beautiful trees, plants and birds. After we got back, we had delicious lunch. I think I enjoy Chinese/Taiwanese culinary customs a lot more than European ones. We went to Taichung for the weekend and came back to Aowanda today!

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

Suspension bridge

See you guys soon:)

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