Jul 12, 2012

Preparations for Leave No Trace

Hi guys,

Today I'm going to write about our preparations for LNT camp. One of the most interesting endeavours was cleaning the ecological pond. We had to get rid of the Invasive Alien Species. I think that photos are going to tell better story than I possibly can. For the cleaning itself we adopted Snail's "knowhow" from last year. Trick was to "roll" IAS. While trying to roll we had to make sure that we were getting rid of all the roots too. It was actually a really hard work. I started with white T-shirt, came back in black one. And I still think that the shower afterwards was the hardest part, thats how dirty we were. Even though it was hard, it was still glorious and I can definitely understand why people pay for the option of doing this kind of work. Especially for people from the city, it really is an awesome chance to connect with the nature (not to mention doing a good deed). When we were done, the endemic species in the ecological pond had a lot more spaces to grow and it also looked nicer (at least in my opinion) for both visitors and kids from LNT camp to enjoy:)

After that we had to work in the library, where we rearranged the books and “added“ call numbers to each book, so it's easier to keep track of the books. We cleaned all the backpacks (every students are  going to get one backpack and learn how to effectively pick necessities and get them into the backpacks. We rearranged classrooms and Taiwanese interns worked on a drama for kids. The drama was a collection of scenes, each of them adressed one LNT rule. Erik, Wei and Maggie broke all the rules and showed, why it was wrong to break them. Flora and I took part in two of the scenes, playing fitting part of visitors. It was incredibly fun, and I think that kids would enjoy it too.

LNT camp report coming soon :)
See you guys,

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