Jul 10, 2012

A walk on Tuesday in the second week

Hi guys:)

So, another awesome day went by. Wei, Erik and I decided to wake up a bit earlier today, to go and watch birds:) Unfortunately, 6 AM is a little bit too late, so we didn't see as much as we'd like to. The Ecological Pond was really alive and it was fun to listen to frogs. We've also seen Grey-cheeked Fulvettas, with their distinctive voice. They are really fast, so taking a photo is really hard. Thankfully, Wei proved to be a capable photographer:) The weather was beautiful and we're definitely gonna set the alarm clock to 5:15 soon enough.

In the afternoon we went out to see waterfalls in Aowanda. The walk was roughly 30 minutes long. The Adjustment Pond is really close to waterfalls and we have seen some interesting fish in there.

Ecological Pond
Galloping Waterfall
Double Waterfall
Aowanda has more than one waterfall (they are located really closely to each other though): we have a galloping waterfall, a little bit below that a double waterfall and then an adjacent waterfall (that is a bit smaller). It's hard to describe the scenery, so I'm just going to let the photos talk instead:) There are three platforms for enjoying the waterfalls and it is as magical and amazing as it sounds. The galloping waterfall is in the first picture, and the double waterfall can be seen in the second picture, along with the first platform. 

On the way back we've seen the Blue Magpie, the Jungle Crow and The Malagasy Bulbul. The Bulbul was really interesting, since his voice sounds like a cat's voice, which I really liked (I'm a cat person:)). I also keep being amazed by various insects that I can seue here, that I have never seen in Europe (we saw fairly big ant today).
See you guys,

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