Jul 5, 2012

Flora's introduction

Dear everyone,

Let me introduce myself. My nickname is Flora from Vietnam. As a volunteer of summer youth program, I will serve at Aowanda Recreation Area, Nantou Forest District Office, Taiwan Forest Bureau in July and August this year.

I major in English language and minor in Tourism. My dream is to work in World Tourism Organization.
I like travelling, English, and karaoke. My favorite foods are Vietnamese spring roll and "pho", a famous Vietnamese noodle, which I eat as often as I can. Joining extracurricular activities and meeting new people are what I enjoy the most. My friends like me because I am open-minded and honest, who is always willing to share true thoughts and feelings to others. Also, people often remark me as a gentle person including manner, voice and look. I am being quite ambitious as well. That’s why I try my very best in my studying for the time being to get my appropriate and well-paid job in future. I am also very neat and clean so I am a great roommate, aren’t I? If someone asks me to match letters of my name to self-descriptive words; let’s say my name Phuong Hoa, including 7 letters P, H, U, O, N, G, A; then, I’ll describe myself as being punctual, honest, unpredictable, open-minded, neat, gentle and ambitious.

The reasons that motivate me to join the this internship are my interest in nature and tourism as well as my intention to learn some Chinese. Moreover, living and working in a foreign country is indeed a very intriguing experience for me. 
That’s it! Stay tuned for more sharing from Aowanda team! \0/

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