Jul 6, 2012

A peaceful first week

Dear guys,

As for the first week living at Aowanda Recreation Area, we haven’t actually worked anything. Staff teachers and volunteer teachers gave us very practical lessons about nature including birds, trees and frogs. We visited around the office, seeing what facilities and equipment they have. It’s enough for up to 30 children in 3-day summer camps. There are some rented rooms for long stay visitors and  they are home-like rooms. Our team has our own comfortable office, wifi internet despite of its unstable connection. It is from our office that has the best view to enjoy sunset.

Volunteer students with Mr Liao Qing Sen
in class of birds and trees 
Thanks to translation by Maggie, Snail, Erik and Wei, Sam and I could understand main points in every lectures. Aborigine people living in mountaineous area of Nantou are Atayal and Bunun.

Aowanda Nature Center was established in 2008 but actually it has been in operation just for 2 years due to frequent typhoon. Staffs are young and enthusiastic.

Popular species in Aowanda including pine trees, maple trees, cherry blossoms, Blue Magpie, Green-backed Tit, “Monkey-not-climb” tree, crazy cat leaf. Here are some pictures.

Lily flower
Crazy cat leaf - Touching it can cause itchy
Hopefully, I can capture some unique birds in Aowanda soon :-*
All the best to everyone!

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